Japanese commercial

Idag spelade jag och Inger in en reklamfilm för en Japanska smink firma.
Jag var en kille som placerade diamanter på sminklock.
Fejkade diamanter och plastlock men kom igen det syns inte ändå.
Min del var inte så stor men Ingers var desto större.
Hon var presentatören och satt och pratade om produkterna, coolt hon är numera deras "ansikte".

Today Inger and I filmed the Japanese Makeup commercial.
I was the guy who put the diamonds onto the makeup cap, well fake diamonds and plastic cap but hey that wont show...
But Ingers part was so much bigger, she was the presentor of this new line of makeup so she sat in a chair talking and presenting the cosmetics as they went along. She did a great job, and she is now their new "face" how cool isnt that?

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